School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers primarily focus on providing security and safety in all schools. Officers are involved in variety of functions besides being active law enforcement officers. The School Resource Officers are a resource to students, parents, teachers and school administration.  These Deputies work hand in hand with teachers and principals in each school to assist with finding solutions to the problems that our youth experience on daily basis.

Our SRO’s duties include:

  • Securing school facilities
  • Monitoring and preventing illegal activity in schools
  • Assisting with educational programs, such as D.A.R.E.
  • Providing wellness checks through the Elder Care program
  • Assisting on searches for people who are registered with the Project: Lifesaver program

The SRO’s also serve as community officers, helping the Sheriff’s Office to identify issues within the county’s various communities and collaboratively solve problems. For that purpose, the SRO’s help with several county-wide programs, as well as being a resource for parents and people in the general public, not just teachers and students.