Detention Center

The Carter County Detention Center is a secured facility for incarcerated male and female adults. Opened in 2012, this facility is on the cutting edge of security technology, including electronic tracking and a body scanner to detect and deter contraband. The jail provides safe, secure, and sanitary housing to county, state, and federal inmates.

Jail Administrator Capt. Matt Patterson – [email protected]

Deputy Jail Administrator Lt. Barbara Scalf – [email protected]

For Victims

Victims deserve to know where the offenders who hurt them are. Victims deserve to be notified when an offender is released. If you have been the victim of a crime, you can register to receive notifications whenever the offender who harmed you is moved, transferred, or released. Notifications are provided by Tennessee Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification (TN SAVIN) and the Vinelink system. Click HERE for more information or to register.

Contact an Inmate


The Carter County Detention Center offers online video visitation and onsite video visitation via Securus Technologies. This means you can talk to inmates by coming to the jail, or from the comfort of your home. Inmates are allowed one 60-minute visit each weekend onsite, and may receive unlimited online visits.

To learn more about visitation or to schedule an online visit, click below. You can also an onsite visit by calling (423) 542-5801 on Thursdays, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST.


Personal mail is collected by Securus Technologies and digitally scanned before being made available to inmates. This is to keep our facility safe and secure for everyone inside. Personal mail is not accepted by our jail staff. All personal mail must be sent to Securus Technologies.

Legal mail is still accepted at our facility. Click below for address information on personal and legal mail.

Attorney Information

Attorneys who need to schedule appointments with inmates may click below.

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The Carter County Detention Center uses VendEngine for commissary services. You may make online deposits or onsite deposits to allow your inmate to purchase commissary goods. Onsite deposits may be made at the kiosk in the detention center lobby. To make an online deposit, click below.

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Trustee Work Program:  This is for low risk offenders to work inside the detention center, community, county buildings and county property while completing their sentence.

Community Work Crew Program:  These inmates are closely supervised.  Their work is litter control, mowing services to county buildings, and building upkeep for county offices.

Work Release Program:  The program is set up for low risk inmates.  They can still provide support to their family and maintain their employment.

GED Program: This program is for those inmates that wish to obtain their high school equivalency.

Families First Program:  This program is for female inmates that need assistance transitioning back into society when their sentence has ended.

AA Program:  An alcohol abuse program for male and female inmates. The support can also be continued when their sentence is finished.

NA Program:  A narcotics abuse program for male and female inmates.  The support can also be continued when their sentence is finished.

Jail Ministry Program:  A program for male and female inmates that wish to learn about a religion or continue their religious beliefs.

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