A woman whom Carter County Sheriff’s Deputies charged with 20 counts of animal cruelty will remain in jail after she appeared in court Friday.

30-year-old Christina Nichole Campbell received the animal cruelty charges on July 8. This came after a deputy was called to Etsep Hollow Road on July 1 and found 20 dogs caged outside in inhumane conditions. The dogs were kept without shade and food, and most did not have water. The water that a few did have was green and stagnated. The deputy also observed a female dog with puppies that was so malnourished she was unable to produce milk for the puppies. The female dog and puppies were removed on July 1 by animal control. Two of the puppies died a few days later.

The deputy returned on July 2 with an Animal Shelter employee to evaluate the remaining dogs. After evaluation, animal shelter employees removed the remaining dogs from the property. The dogs were seen by a veterinarian, who found that they were all underweight and had hook worms, whip worms, coccidian parasites and fleas.

Campbell turned herself in on July 13. She bonded out and was arrested again on July 23 for violation of probation. She will remain in jail until her next criminal court appearance on September 25. Campbell will also appear in sessions court on August 27. She is being held in the Carter County Detention Center.