2016-17 Calendar Pics 072



The administrative staff perform a variety of clerical duties for the Carter County Sheriff Office.  Their daily duties include public service, records maintenance, data processing, human resource, records, warrants, Court orders and civil documents.






2016-17-calendar-pics-080  Records:  Kim McWherter


2016-17 Calendar Pics 064  Warrants:  April Price



2016-17 Calendar Pics 045  1st Sergeant:  Sean Johnson



Calendar 2016-17 2 018 Warrants and Warrant Officers:

Left to right:  April Price, Al Meehan, and Amanda Little


1617 pics 110 Dispatch:

Left to right: Felicity Martin, Brandon Berry, Amanda Little, Shana Brower and Kathy Miller.


2016-17-calendar-pics-061 I. T Department:

Left to right:  Travis Lunceford, Isaiah Grindstaff, Chief James Parrish, Sheriff Dexter Lunceford and Amos Halava.